Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quick flying visit

I thought I would go up to Nant Moel Reservoir after work as this was going to be the only sunny day this week. So I parked up by the farm gate and walked in, there were loads of Meadow Pipits in the fields, a couple of pairs of Canada Geese but sadly no sign of any Lapwings and it seems like another site no longer used by them. Other birds seen were a single swallow low over the reservoir, these two Lesser Black Backed Gulls and a pair of Common Buzzards. Also spotted these Highland cattle and  it was nice too see these hardy livestock. Also found this Scarecrow and at first thought it was a angler sleeping. Any ideas, also thought maybe to scare Cormorants of the reservoir or maybe to scare poachers in the night and I would have ran a mile if it had it got up.


  1. cheers Shaz and glad someone likes my photos

  2. Hi. Ref the scarecrow, yes to both questions. I'm secretary of the angling club. Good to see others enjoying the wildlife and scenery. Rhys