Saturday, 2 April 2016

Tir founder fields

Quick visit to Tirfounder fields  too looking for Willow Tit but still no sign or any singing males and when I was there I found that the Abercwmboi lake young swans have been moved on and are now at Tir founder fields and the evil new male Mute Swan has had his way . Also it  was a nice surprise on a wet day and been about ten years since the last Mute Swan was at this site. Also when I was passing the oxbow I saw a Swallow flying down river which was looking a tad damp. When I got to the Ynys I found 4 Sand Martins also a big number of Chiffchaff and 1 willow warbler in the flock.


  1. Had a Swallow over the road by Mountain Ash Hospital in the rain this morning. 7 Sand Martin at Quakers Yard this afternoon. Spring is sprung!

  2. Yes same too bird everywhere this morning and like canada again .