Friday, 15 July 2016

Couple of bits from today

When working in Pant-y-Cerdin in Cwmbach today I spotted a Southern Hawker working it's way along the garden and my customer was working in the garden, little did she know that has she moved she was flushing flies from the hedge and the hawker was catching them. It was only when I said dragonfly she noticed what was happening and if by magic it landed in the hedge. They were amazed by it and said they had never seen one before and think I may have made them dragonfly fans now.

Tonight did my bit and did a clean up at the Common Wintergreen site, some young adults have been camping there and left it in a bit of a mess. It's a shame that these hair heads could just leave it like this. I picked a bag full in less than ten minutes and there is still more there. I will pick more when I get five minutes spare. When walking back down I found these fungus on the side of the path and they look a bit like plum and custard, will see if any more appears. The Common Wintergreen has almost finished flowering for another year..


  1. I was only thinking, yesterday, that I have only seen two dragonflies this year; both too far away to identify. Lots of Ringlets up Penderyn on Wednesday. In fact I saw more butterflies on Wednesday than I did through the whole of June, even if they were all Ringlets and Meadow Browns.

  2. Yes i noticed that and ringlet and meadow brown same to fly in not so good weather and i had a small Tortoiseshell yesterday to in the same garden.