Saturday, 2 July 2016

Pan-listing update

When I started this challenge to try to see 1000 species in the UK within a year I thought it would be challenging but do-able. It has been quite challenging, if only as I usually only have one  to one and a half days a week to try to get out.  Thanks to Mark, Mike, Martin and Phil, that 1000 spp target is now well within my grasp as at the end of June the total stood at 960 species - I've added a further three since then.

Some of the highlights from June were:
                                         Bog Bush-cricket (Wixhall Moss)
                                         Woodland Grasshopper (Wixhall Moss)
                                          Hoverfly Xylota sylvarium (Hensol Forest)
                                         Weevil Polydrusus formosus (Crymlyn Burrows)
                                         Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle (Crymlyn Burrows)
                                          Lattice Heath (Crymlyn Burrows)
and my first Bee Orchid of the year (Crymlyn Burrows).

On Bee Orchids, despite the regular mowing, the Navigation Park site held at least 17 Bee Orchids, and a Southern Marsh Orchid. Unfortunately the site is listed for building work probably starting late this year or early next year.


  1. Well done, Martin. It shows what is possible, if one is willing to make the effort. Don't stop counting at 1000, because it will be interesting to see what total you eventually reach, at year's end.

  2. I do plan to carry on, but probably not with quite the intensity - think I could get somewhere between 14 and 1500, but let see what happens.