Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Cwm Cadlan Reserve

 It's always nice too see the Bog Asphodel is out and a cracking flower.

Things were very dark and damp on Sunday. The Butterwort has almost finished flowering for another year. When I was walking up the path I found a family party of Wrens hiding up in a oak tree but was missing my big lens and did not want to disburb them so I decided to walk on and only took this dodgy shot. There was still a male cuckoo present and he was calling a fair bit but each time I got near he went quiet and did not show all the time I was present. Also on site were at least two pairs of Whinchat, one pair with freshly fledged youngsters and were waiting on a fence to be fed. Up near the old ruin I found a Spotted Flycather which was a nice surprise and watched him flying around fly catching for awhile. Also down by the stream there is a new path going of right towards the farm .

 This was my first local Ringlet this year and always amazes me how dark they are .
Also the Bird Cherry tree are full of webs again and on looking closer I could see the Bird Cherry Ermine Caterpillar.

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  1. I went past there, last Thursday and saw a load of cars and NRW vans parked up on the road. Thinking Julian Woodman might be amongst the NRW party, obviously somewhere down on the reserve and wanting to see him about something, I stopped and went down there. That was the first time I had noticed the new path, which doesn't look fully open yet. Despite a fairly good, if brief look about, I didn't see anyone down there, so came away.
    I followed the path a little way down, towards Penderyn, but I couldn't spare any more time. If they were on the reserve at all, they were probably down there somewhere, marvelling at the reserve speciality, no doubt.