Friday, 24 June 2016

Llantrisant Common

Last night, at the invitation of the warden, Carys |Solman, I joined her, George Tordoff and Graham Watkeys to trap at Y Gweira nature reserve, on Llantrisant Common. George set his trap up on the reserve itself, but the presence of  seven very boisterous horses made me decide to run mine on the common, outside the reserve. I couldn't risk the trap being kicked or trampled, as at this time of year, I would have little time to repair any significant damage.

The night went well, my trap running until well after two. The showers kept off and after initially cooling down under clear skies, it warmed up as overcast conditions moved in after midnight.

We had an interesting time and quite good catches, the night being made more enjoyable by the amazing absence of biting insects.

My DSLR was occupied for a couple of hours, taking a time lapse sequence of a dung fungus (the same one we found at Pwll Waun Cynon), so I didn't take many photos of the moths, but here are a couple:

Pseudagyrotoza conwagana

Beautiful Hook-tip

Evergestis pallitata

Double Line

George had a male Glow Worm attracted to his trap and when I went to check on my camera and its progress with the time lapse, I found this female, glowing brightly. Unfortunately, with my camera preoccupied, I only had my mobile's camera with which to photograph it. The results are rubbish, but you can just about see what it is.

Glow Worm Female

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