Friday, 17 June 2016

Pyramidal Orchid Site at Bryn Du

After have a good soaking in Abercwmboi yesterday afternoon and getting home and finding it was dry I decided to go up Bryn Du and take my dogs for a walk. It was hot and the road was steaming as I walked and thought good chance of Dragonflies but like always as I walked it got cooler and there were no sign of any Dragonflies. The only thing on the wing were a couple of dozen Azure Damselflies. So I went to check if there were any Pyramidal Orchids out, they took some finding in the sea of Southern Marsh Orchids, my daughter Kathryn found the first spike and we managed to find about ten orchids. I found a caterpillar feeding on a orchid and thought Ange Shades but on checking it's not and have no idea what it is and open for offers. I then spotted three Caterpillars in the Bramble on the side of the site and have learnt since there are Emperor Moth and a cracking looking thing and will try and go back up for closer look.

There were lots of Bees and Hoverflies on the flowers. Feeling the Temperature drop I found this smart Early Bumble Bee also the Matchstick Lichen was looking brilliant in the light .


  1. I think it might be Red Chestnut. According to Porter, it is in the larval stage from April to June and feeds on various herbaceous plants. He also says that it is seldom found as a larva.

  2. I agree with Mark, I was looking through my caterpillar book and although the drawing is not that great it was the closest I could see.

  3. Cheers guys and that was the last thing i thought about .