Friday, 24 June 2016

Wee bit more of last weekend in Whixall Mosses

7 Spotted Ladybird Larva.
Tree Bumblebee.
Llangollen Canel
Yellow Tail Moth Caterpillar
Large Heath Butterfly
Common Footman Caterpillar
Still cannot find this one any ideas
Sadly this was the closest we came to white Face Darter, the lack of sunshine beat us but it's an area I would like to go back to and try again. Next time with a big tin of mosquito spray, they even bit me through my trousers. I got three big bites on my legs and have been red all week .
I have ran for birds a fair bit on twitches but when Martin called dragonfly I could not get there fast enough. It was gutting to find out we had a couple of fresh teneral Black Darters and that was the only dragonfly excitement of the day. The bog was good for displaying Curlew and the only place I have seen a curlew perched on a post also nice to see common snipe displaying overhead.

Always great to see my first Common Emerald Damselfly of the year.
 Argent and Sable
Twin Lobed Deer Fly were very common there and give brilliant views of this colourful fly.

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  1. I got excited when I flushed that first Dragon...But, agree, it's a place we have t go back to.