Saturday, 11 June 2016

A couple more shots from Moth Night

It was great to go along and catch up with some chat and see some moths for the year. I did not take many shots but Martin and Chris seemed to be taking loads so I thought I better take some. Around the trap were thousands of flies, some midges and mosquito, it was like all you can eat restaurant. When you went in to take a shot you got flies in your mouth, in your ears and up your noise and by the end I felt like a chiffchaff after eating so many flies. When the first Elephant Hawkmoth turned up it was by a fence post and was nice to take shots in a fly free zone. It was great to see Peach Blossom, I had not seen them for a couple of years now and what a cracker. After a bit the flies started to get pretty bad so I went to the wood near by to look at the Heath Trap where there were a couple of Moths flying around. As I stood there a branch snapped and than another and I expected to turn around and see one of the boys had followed me over but there was no one there so I thought there must be Animal. I walked back over to where the boys were and thinking what the hell was in there or watching me. At 12,30 I left the boys as I had work in a couple of hours. When I was walking back I stopped and I could hear a strange munching noise and when I put my torch on there was a big black horse staight in front of me eating grass. Yes I felt it was easy to let your mind play tricks with you. I have walked the mountain for years on my own and never really got spooked until now, old age is kicking in.

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