Friday, 24 June 2016

Downy Emeralds

I had the day off work on Tuesday so took a trip down to hensol forest looking for the Downy Emeralds. Arriving just after 09:30, it was still a little cool for any of the Odonta's to be out and about, so I had a wander round looking for anything else of interest I could point my camera at, and add to the year list.

There were lot's of goodies on show, White and Fringed Water Lilies, lots of Hoverflies, several mating Knotgrass Leaf Beetles a great co-operative Vine Weevil, etc. Eventually the first of the Damselflies began to show - Common Blue, followed by Blue-tailed. Eventually the larger dragons took to the wing. Although most kept their distance (Note to self to take the scope next time) I did pick up several Broad-bodied Chasers, at least 3 male Emperor's plus an ovipositing female, and at least 3 Downy Emeralds.

                                          Vine Weevil
                                          Xylota sylvarum - a Sawfly mimic Hoverfly
                                         Knotgrass Leaf Beetle
                                         Chrysolina staphylaea (I think)

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