Saturday, 11 June 2016

Moth Traping in my Garden in Trecynon this Week

Last Saturday I got my first Coxcomb Prominent of the year and always a pleasure to see,
Any ideas on this Carpet or is it a Rug,
Same night I saw this on the outside of the trap and thought some kind of Prominent so I popped it in the trap and on looking closer on Sunday I found out it was a Puss Moth, one I've always wanted  to see.

 Scalloped Hazel
 My first Hawkmoth of the and a Popular Hawkmoth,
 Knot Grass I think any thoughts.
The burrowing Beetle which makes me feel like itching all over, like that time one of my so called friends throw a tick in the back of the car.

Bee moth, fairly common in my garden and like vampires they appear around my Tree Bumble Bee nest box just as it gets dark.
 Right is this Double Line and amazing how fast you forget moths

My only Red Necked Footman of the year and in my garden and not up at Bryn Du


  1. I tend to get a lot of Bee Moths too, though I don't have a bee's nest in the garden. The carpet is Spruce Carpet, but the 'Double Line' is actually a Treble-lines.
    There were around 80 Diamond-backs on the outside of my garden trap, this morning.

  2. Thank you mark for id and good evening the other night ,

  3. What is your camera's white balance set to?

  4. The beetle is Nicrophorus humator - the key id feature are the orange club/tips to the antennae