Sunday, 12 June 2016


Found foraging with 2 grey heron, west bank of river mouth at 11:20 this a.m. Common sandpiper also present. At Rhaslas usual suspects plus a single reshank at west point.


  1. Wrong again, I thought the above bird was a purple heron and tried to dismiss the white shoulder patch and the white feathering around the tibia. The neck looked thin enough and the head small enough but the bill didn't look right. I searched the herons of the world and possible hybrids with no luck, then Jake phoned me & emailed a pic of a melanistic grey heron on the Thames. Also it was happily feeding with greys while purple is a solitary feeder, ho hum. This bird may cause some problems, it did me.

  2. Nice looking bird , mike and such is life and in the ninty there was one over tir founder fields and looks very like this bird and looking mate and find a cracker as always,