Friday, 3 June 2016


After work last night I went up to Penderyn and had a walk around The Bod. Heard and saw the Cuckoo as soon as I got there but apart from that it was fairly quiet bird wise with just the usual subjects although I had a lot of fun photographing some Red Kites. I must have been up there at least two hours and did not see one butterfly. I really do not think I have ever known such a bad year for butterflies.
Red Kite

Meadow Pipit


  1. But did you see any Diamond-back Moths? When Mike and I were up there,putting nest boxes up, on Friday, we were putting up dozens of them.In all, we must have seen more than a couple of hundred of them.

  2. I was speaking to Mike yesterday and I had said that I had seen dozens of small moths flying around. He said that they must have been the Diamond-Back Moths which you had seen. Amazing really how many there were.

  3. Apparently there was thousands of the moths in Norfolk as well yesterday.

  4. I managed 3 Diamon Back's at Parc Taf Bargoed yesterday - a pitance compared to the 14,000+ at Filey BO yesterday