Thursday, 28 July 2016

Glazed Cup

Wanting better photos of the Glazed Cup (Hunaria hemisphaerica) I returned to the site with my camera and tripod; the latter because to get the depth of field required in those dim places, the exposure time tends to run into tens of seconds. I was disappointed to see that the few cups I originally found were now well nibbled by slugs and not really worth a photo. However, poking around looking for something else to photograph, I came across this little group of Wrinkled Club (Clavulina rugosa) with cristate tips, growing on the same pile of rotten sallow logs.

Cavulina rugosa with cristate tips

While photographing them, I noticed this tiny and very ugly Spider Mite clambering slowly over one of the clubs.

Unknown Spider Mite (Who's a pretty boy then?)

On my way back out, I spotted this Saddle (Helvella Sp). It was the only one, so I didn't want to pick it, to look at the underside of the cap, so the species will have to remain unknown.

While I was setting the camera up for that, I noticed that on the moss covered rotten log it was on were also five young cups of Glazed Cup, so I got my photos of those after all.

Glazed Cup (exposure time 20 seconds)

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