Friday, 29 July 2016

Recorders Day in Dare Valley Country Park

Went along bright and early to the country park and did a two hour walk and recorded as many birds as I could, highlights being Dipper / Kingfisher / Reed Bunting. Found lots more but found it murder as it was not very warm and most birds were not singing but were hiding in the bushes. It took me a long time to see any warblers and when I finally did got a couple of Chiffchaffs and Blackcap I felt if it had given me a bit of a warm. Also on looking on the board by the lake and seeing a picture of a Malachite Kingfisher I thought someone has not done their homework and a bird that is found in Africa and not in Europe I think says it all. In the evening I met up with Martin and Mark and we got the trap to the site and I then went for a walk and tried to find some more birds but instead I found these two fungus and have been told the top one is a Blusher or Amanita Rubescens and the lower one is a Weeping Boletes.

Also on the path back down I found this  Dead Common Shrew but sadly no Sexton Beetles this time.
Back at the trap it was great to see so many True Lovers Knot and after seeing one last week and not having seen one for years it was great to see such good numbers.
 Also big numbers of Brimstone.
 Welsh Wave
 July High Flyer
This was a brilliant surprise as we were thinking maybe too late for Hawkmoths and this Small Elephant Hawkmoth turned up and I think made mine and Martin's night.

 Toad Flax Pug
When I left the boys at the trap I checked the heath trap on the way down and saw a couple of Peppered Moths and a single Buff Tip, also a Swallowtail moth and a Light Emerald in the grass by the side of the trap. It was great to catch up with the lads and Martin had a brimstone on is glasses,

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