Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pipped to the post

Here are a couple of shots from our trip last Sunday over to North Devon for the Dalmatian Pelican. Mike and myself found this poo and Mike had a good old sniff of it. He said it had very little smell. It was a mixture of Blackberries and crab shells, I posted it on Facebook and they said what we thought and it's Badger.

We also meet a group who told us to have a look at the fish below them and on looking we were amazed to see how many Mullet were in the channel and seemed to be in different size shoals.

We saw loads of Red Admiral, a single Wall Brown and Small Torteshall and a couple of what we thought must have been small coppers.


  1. Your Mullet photos were far better than mine. Are you sure that Mike is smelling that and not having a taste.

  2. Come to think about it he went quiet for a minute and may have had a quick bite

  3. Ah, the poo is back. Packham would be proud.