Monday, 31 October 2016

Third Time Lucky ?

Having endured two dips (the first one with everyone else seeing the bird) in Dorset and the West Midlands with Hume's Leaf Warbler I succumbed this afternoon and made my way down to Middleton in the Gower to see if my luck would change.

Martin Bell kindly phoned with more precise directions just as I was starting out. Found a car park space straight away about 20 yards from the six-bar gate Martin had told me to go through. I found myself in a small field with trees and bushes all around. A tit flock came through with a few Goldcrest for company but I could not pick up anything more exciting.

After about 20 minutes a lady walked past the field and asked if I had seen the birds. When I said that I had not she said the best viewpoint was in her garden which was next to the field. She was going to see someone up the road but give me directions how to get into her garden and the best place to view from.

In the garden lots of finches were seen with at least 2 more Goldcrest with some Blue and Great Tits. Suddenly right above me there appeared a small bird in a small willow type tree. Very dull underneath and then when it turned one whole wingbar and a pale supercilium were observed. As quickly as it appeared off it went and worked it's way through an hedge only giving very brief glimpses.

I was nearly 100% sure it was the Hume's but wanted better views. 15 minutes later it reappeared in the same tree, it was so close I needed my reading glasses and it also called. Being that close meant I could actually hear it and having played the call before I left home I was confident I had got my bogey bird at last.


  1. Nice one, I heard you had phoned, left mobile in the house, well it makes a change from my shirt.

  2. Glad you got it phil well done.