Sunday, 23 October 2016


With news that the Great Grey Shrike had returned to Garwnant, plus the Otter had been showing well early in the mornings at Llwyn Onn, myself, Phil and Martin Bevan met up about 7:20 am on the west bank of the reservior. Unfortunately it was a no show from the Otter, but the res did hold 10 Mallard, a drake Teal, 3 GC Grebes and 2 Little Grebes.We were also met by one of the friendliest Robins we have met with this bird pecking at Bevans boot and taking crumbs from his fingers.

As we left the res, a Merlin flew over.

The walk up to the north clearfell didn't produce the shrike in its favoured hunting area from last winter but eventually Phil picked it up close to the main track.

Phil phoned Mike, who was at the visitor centre car park, who rushed over but the shrike dissapeared before he connected with it. Despite searching the Shrike could not be relocated.

A couple of fly over Crossbills were the only other birds of note, though there was plenty of Redwings and Fieldfares flying around.

After the others left I walked round the north east side of the res hearing, but failing to see, Willow Tit.

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  1. Nice Vid martin and well done and at the moment they think the scat is mink .