Sunday, 6 November 2016

Beardies and More

A few photos from the weekend, most of them from Sunday's trip to Somerset with the two Martin's. A real treat for me getting chauffeured, thanks Mr Bell, even though he missed a junction on the M5!!!

Robin at Brecon Mountain Centre

Fox at Llanelli WWT

Jackdaws at Westhay

Bearded Tit at Westhay

Great White Egret at Shapwick

Kingfisher at Shapwick


  1. Nice shots, Phil. The fox looks happy at having a camera pointed at it.
    Have you seen the large dusk gathering of Jackdaws doing aerobatics over Cwmaman and that middle part of the valley? They are there most evenings from Autumn through to spring. From here they look like a murmuration of Starlings as they wheel and twist about, before they head off up the valley to the main roost.

  2. Thanks Mark, there was a window between the fox and me. I could not get his whole body in the shot he was that close.

  3. Great shots phil and like the new header page and it was amazing you had time to take them all ,after all the sleeping you done and i bet you was up all night wide awake.

  4. Went to bed by twenty past nine and slept like a log all night. In fact best night's sleep I've had for awhile.