Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Called in at the Neuadd this morning, similar species to Martin & Phil's Sunday jaunt but numbers greatly reduced and no sign of brambling with chaffinch flock [<25], best bird being woodcock and a flock of siskin [c20] my first this winter at the Neuadd. On Tuesday: Pentwyn reservoir;  a family of mute swan [2 ad, 2 imm] and mallard [43] were the best while at Rhaslas first goldeneye of the winter with the usual suspects.


  1. Fair play mike you work hard for your birds and must be dew a big one soon and did you walk down the reservoir as chaffinch flock was half way across the res and easy missed and keep the good work up mate.

  2. Hiya, I walked as far as a slightly raised mound of rock and black earth overlooking the rushes but no further. The chaffinch flock was very restless and were constantly moving between both tree lines and then back to the rushes 100 yards north of me, so there could have been more. I thought there was a raptor about but I failed to make contact. I hope you are right about a big one.

  3. Yes mike thats the area where they were and may ground by the fog and moved on .