Sunday, 20 November 2016

Couple of shots from Cosmeston Country park today

I've been told by Andy Burns this bird was rung this year on Flat Holm and turned up two weeks ago and it's a Lesser Black Backed Gull.
Second year bird Herring Gull was also told by Andy that it was rung in 2015 on Flat Holm again and turned up last December at cossie.
 Phil was in is oils feeding the swans and until it bite him 4 times and had to walk away from him .
There was loads of Lesser Black Backed Gulls there today and amazing how many different plumages were on them

I find there is so much to learn on Gulls and on times they do my head in and these Second Winter Herring Gull do not look right and yes I'm fifty and still learning.
 Female Tufted Duck having a wash and clean up .
 Blue Tit
Drake Tufted Duck

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  1. My thumb is still bloody hurting. I would not have minded if it was a Whooper or Berwick.