Monday, 28 November 2016

Quiet stroll around Porthcawl and Sker

After working the last 6 days staight and planning to paint the house today I thought there always next weekend.  I thought after having so much fun with Phil feeding the gulls in Salt Lake car park Porthcawl a couple weeks earlier I thought a second visit would be a good call to look for more gulls with rings on and to  get some more shots. I picked two loafs of Kingsmill brown bread, only the best for my gulls and on getting there were only a couple of gulls present. I spotted this adult winter plumage Med Gull straight away, it was feeding very close and give brilliant views, I had totally forgot I saw this bird before at Aberavon last year. It seems to be doing well and was seen all the time I was there, there was also  a second adult was present and looking very healthy. It's fun to think back in the eighties they were rare and hard work to find in flocks of Black Headed Gulls and I had two with in mintues if each other and also four more later at Rest Bay. There was a flock of about a hundred Black Headed Gulls which all were adults apart from this first winter bird, must be a worry how many are breeding and raising a family in the UK or locally and sadly no gulls with rings today, also a worry was to more gulls with damaged or break legs .

Nice to compare the Med Gull and Black headed Gull together
At Rest Bay there was a couple of Common Gulls and on looking at this shot I thought could be summer plumage but on looking closer I could just make out the dark patch on the back of the head and yes just about a winter plumage. The walk to Sker did not turn up the much needed Chough, all I had was a couple of hundred Golden Plover on the beach who seemed to move from side to side as people passed and must be used to people and dogs coming up the beach towards them. I also had 5 Ringed Plover and 6 Curlew and about half of dozen Oystercatcher and a single Turnstone and yet again I did not get what I wanted. But it was just great to be out and on getting back to car park I spotted a cafe in the top left and corner and I thought I wonder if they got a toilet and yes they do. I could also mell that awful smell of cooking bacon and thought would be rude not to have one and eat it looking over the sea and happy days.

Herring gull with damaged leg and a Black Headed gull .


  1. A few points raised here which are as follows;-

    1. Skiving not painting the house.
    2. Two loaves of Kingsmill bread (must have been reduced)
    3. Paying for parking.
    4. Buying a bacon butty.

    I think an imposter wrote this blog has it does not sound like the Martin Bevan we know and love.

  2. Well i know i could guarantee on phil comment mate and yes real me and first point ok fair point and second farm foods and as i said only the best for my gulls and third point mmmmmmmmm my wife payed and for bacon butty and yes you was sadly missed and the bacon butty was ace and the hottys roll i had and will get you one next time down there .