Wednesday, 9 November 2016

River Cynon at Mountain Ash

Walking back from doing my posting for the day I decided to walk the small stretch of the Cynon between the "Cress" Bridge and Mountain Ash Bridge.

About half way up I noticed movement near the far bank and a quite small Mink swam downstream and then up onto some fallen branches and then onto the bank where it made its way into the overhanging brambles and bushes.

I walked up another 20 yards and noticed some other movement near a sewer again on the far bank. This time a Water Rail came into view. Only the second one I have seen on the Cynon in Mountain Ash. The last one was in the exact same place in 2006.

On Monday I saw 10 Goosander flying up the Cynon around 2.30 in the afternoon.

Unfortunately no camera with me on either occasion.

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  1. some good sights and you are getting greedy now having Mink and otter for the year jammie sod .