Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Abercwmboi Swan

I was working Abercwmboi today and saw the swans just before the rain came in and went home because it was too wet to work. When I got home I had a phone call to say another swan had flew into the powerlines and there was a big bang and it tripped the lights and sadly the swan was killed out right. I've just put a conplaint into Western Power and it will be intersting to see if they put those things on the lines so birds can see the lines.I went to see the swan today between showers and very sad sight and i could see the feather on the patch like snow and something has been eaten the head already and when i was walking under the powerlines i found the remains of the first swan and on a Positive not i so the lady who told  me yesterday and she said that  western power had email to say sorry and would try and put something on the line by the patch as soon as possible and could not do the bit running along the lake and it will be interesting here why they cannot .


  1. That's terrible news. Hope that Western Power can sort something out.

  2. Hmm well there were 7 (2 adult 5 young) prior to this. When I checked today there were 6, but 1 from this group (presumed young male) is on the Tirfounder Ponds. The one in pic looks like juv. So mbe the 1 on Tirfounder came from somewhere else? Also Otters today on Cynon