Saturday, 10 December 2016

Green Elf Cup

I found this in Robertstown last week on a pieces of Hazel and i was pretty sure i had seen it on the Glamorgan Fungus Page on Face Book and  Emma Williams Confirmed it was Green Elfcup and go to show could be in a couple of places in the Cynon Valley and i put this safe of the path and hopfully i will get to see the Elf cups. I also had a look for the Holy Parachute Fungus and was told to look in the fallen  leafs and i thought great and on looking i noticed that being a evergreen they lose very little leafs and  are harder to find than i thought it would be and i will keep looking and i was  look for holy leaf miner  phytomyza ilicis and i found this staight away and fairly common in robertstown and trecynon area .


  1. I too have been looking for Holly Parachute, but without success. The problem as I see it, is that Holly, being evergreen, does what all evergreens do, which is shed approximately a third of their leaves (the leaves which are in the third season on the tree) every year. Unlike deciduous trees, which drop theirs in the autumn, evergreens tend to do so in the middle of summer, so bye early autumn, they are decaying and that is when the fungi start to appear on them and as the holly leaves are still lying prominently on the ground beneath the tree, Holly Parachute, if it is there, should be visible. Unfortunately. once the main leaf drop of all the deciduous trees has occurred, in autumn proper, the holly leaves become well and truly buried under them. so that Holly Parachute, which is tiny, is hidden from view.

    We will have to arrange a meeting up on a wet day or a Saturday afternoon, so that I can show you the Green Elf Cups in Cwm Nant-y-Gwyddel. When I looked at them, las week, they were shrivelled, due to the dry spell, but there were loads of them and I'll bet they were looking good there today, after the rain we've had.

    I've been finding Cobalt Crust all over the place, today. I haven't been looking for it, but kept coming across it as I searched for other things.
    I took photos of a few interesting looking fungi, but I can't post them, as my computer is just about conking out and will be going in to be looked at tomorrow.

  2. cheers mark i will after do that and you saying better look in late summer for holy parachute and it,s just having problems finding it and the only cobalt crust i have seen is your up abernant and i found a bit wood in trecynon someone dropped that had been collecting firewood.

  3. Quite a bit of it (Cobalt Crust, that is) in the wood between Alwyn Rees's body repair place and the Robertstown footbridge.