Monday, 26 December 2016

Back to Porthcawl

I called in to Salt Lake Carpark to check the Gulls but the road was very busy and it was like every man and his dog was at the beach. There were only two gulls on site but when I took my loaf of whole brown bread out there were about a hundred gulls just like that. I felt like Paul Daniels. The Somerset gull was back and looking really good, I also found this first year Black headed Gull and it's 26TL and I will let you when I find out where its from. It's worrying how many gulls around with injured or no feet, I had two new ones today and one of them is a first year gull.

 Bad photo and first year bird in the centre.
 Great to see some of the Black Headed gull starting to colour up
 The very bright Sker House
There were three flocks of Golden Plover at Sker, a couple of Curlew and 4 Redshank and the most I have seen down here. Top birds seen being two Grey Plover and two Purple Sandpipers in with the Turnstone. Also at Pink Bay were two adult Med Gulls and two or three Common Gulls.

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