Monday, 5 December 2016

above the country park

I was up on top  looking to see if  the Great Grey Shrike is back and i noticed they are taking the gas tanks down .Back to the shrike no sign and the wind turbine is right by the area where it,s been and they were on and i found them very loud and they were give me a headache and  I also checked the reservoir and had 3 male goosander on there and not alot elses .I also  checked  lower down  and  it looks real  good and kevin Hughes  had it here the begain of the year and still  no sign and now  the tree  have been felled  lower down and i could see the lower reservoir and not seen it before  .
 Due to the lack of birds I took  some frost shots

Surprised to see a Stonechat still above the country park

 This Red Kite was hanging about  a fair bit and so  it  twice.

 Ice Bubbles in a frozen puddle.


  1. Yep! Noisy and disruptive things. Interesting that they are dismantling the gas tank. I wonder what they'll do with the site?

  2. yes i was thinking the same mark and do you know if the road in is private and they put signs up say private and a guy stopped in car and said it,s ok to go through .

  3. I've always understood it to be private, but allowing access for forestry vehicles. I suppose that as long as you park out of the way and don't obstruct anything, nothing would be said. I know from my site visit with the forestry planning manager, back in the spring, that people do park at the forest barrier at night, because we found a load of lager tins and over a dozen used needles there.

    If they let the site go back to nature, it would be interesting to see what appears there, but as it is already designated as a brownfield site; unless they replace the tank with other gas infrastructure, such as a pumping station, I guess it will be sold off for light industrial development.
    Nice frost photos, by the way.

    Going back to the wind turbines; I was up there last winter and made a sound recording of one of them, which had a whistling blade. I wonder if it still whistles and why? I like to think it might be a bullet hole.

  4. yes i so needle there to and may used for solar pannel farm or something like that .

  5. Could be: I hadn't thought of that one. The solar farm at Rhigos seems to get bigger each time I see it.

  6. Quieter than a wind farm and you cannot bloody see it or hear it and there one going on bob johnson farm above Darrenlas

  7. RE: Former LNG tank stopped working c2008 since then at least 4 companies have been registered there but you wouldn't know that from the RCT planning portal. I think the site has now been bought by the Hardstaff Group a road haulage company but once again planning consent for change of use is missing from the RCT planning portal (nothing since 2005). An explosion occurred at the site on the 26th October 2016, possibly demolition?, surprised people were not warned about it. I worked there for 2 painting seasons for Bagnalls out of Cardiff' hope they are keeping to H&S while demolishing, ho-hum.