Monday, 5 December 2016


Some poor heavily cropped distant record shots from this afternoon at Llwyn-onn northeast, viewed from rock outcrop opposite bird hide. If you look carefully you can just about make the bird out from the mud, bird feeding with grey wagtail so hopefully it will follow them down to the spillway giving closer views. 

The best of the last couple of weeks at Rhaslas; wigeon[c35], mute swan[2], tufted[16], lapwing[3], teal[7], pochard[1m], goldeneye[4], herring gull[495], canada goose[94], common snipe[3]. Raptor wise; red kite and buzzard most visits with female peregrine on the 15th and a male hen harrier on the 29th November.


  1. Good record mike and nice too see you are out doing your bit .

  2. Hiya, it was in the same place as you found one many years ago. I'm waiting for waxwing and keeping an eye on the local gulls at the moment. See you

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