Monday, 24 April 2017

Bits and bobs from the last couple of weeks.

A couple of photos from the last week or two. It's always great to see your first Comma I also found my first Long Tailed Tits nest of the year, they seem to like gorse and makes you think how many of these works of art go up in smoke when kids set fire to it.

Cracking bit of Green Woodpecker poo and to think this is all bits of ants .

Over the last couple of weeks I been taking part in a rust survey for Glamorgan Fungus Group on facebook and have been looking down a fair bit for it. They are looking for Nettle Rust Puccina Urticata and two different Rusts on Lesser Celandine. I been seeing yellow for days. The rusts are called Uromyces Flcariea which is black and like a mole on your skin and Uromyces Dactylis which has yellow spots. Also the last two are Bluebell Rust Uromyces Muscari and last one is Nipplewort Rust Lapsana Communis which is the only one I have not found in the valley yet or heard of it before.
I also found this Caterpillar on Nettle and I been told it's a Angle Shades Caterpillar.
This is Uromyces Dactylis
and Uromyces Flcarine,
Mark and myself found this poo and had a good old sniff has you do and it had beetle wing case in it and turned out to be  Red Fox.
It's alway great to whistle a Chiffchaff in and get a close encounter also it's always a relief to see it's a bird and not some ringers playing a tape.
A Willow Warbler having a sing off with a Meadow pipit and the Willow warbler knocked the pipit off the higher perch .
Peacock butterfly from Tir Founder fields last Saturday also this Greylag in with the Bog Bean which is looking great at this time of the year.

Chaffinch in Aberdare Park.


  1. Thank you Phil and because i have not posted for a bit and I found it hard.

  2. Great post, some really interesting pieces, I think that may be the first time i've seen Green woodpecker poo.
    All the best Gordon.

  3. Nice set of photos. I checked on the Long-tailed Tit nest I found, last week. It is complete and presumably occupied. After we parted company, on Mynydd Merthyr, I had loads of Fox droppings on my BBS square; none of which was I tempted to sniff ;)

  4. Some great stuff there. I have seen the nettle rust, but not logged it as a rust, though it looked too much like a gall. I've found a few burned out LTT nests over the past few years in burnt gorse

  5. yes and me last year and i thought it was a caterpillar that had been infected by a wasp.