Sunday, 23 April 2017

Water Shrew

Dead water shrew this morning, I've never seen a live one, opposite A470 underpass leading from Abercanaid to Webbers Pond. Most of the keeled tail is missing which would have reduced its hunting efficiency but cracking pair of rear hairy feet, reminds me of Phil 'The Hobbit' Hill😀. Plenty of willow warbler and black cap with just occasional chiffchaff and then only when away from the A470. No redstart in the local woodland yet and worryingly, my dipper appear to have disappeared off the Taf fronting the length of the village, c2-3 pairs (I hope its just my hangover).


  1. Phil's feet are almost human these days Mike he gets regular pedicures at Mountain Ash vets.

  2. still plenty of dippers down here - though I do find that they can be hard to find at his time of year. Give it a couple of week (for any eggs to hatch) and try again.

  3. I had a pair with young in Aberdare