Sunday, 30 April 2017

Tawny Owl

After cat napping in the chair this afternoon and only having 3 hours sleep last night I decided I needed to take the dogs out. I went to Robertstown and to a wood that two years ago I had the brilliant pleasure of spending three weeks with some tawny owlets. I tried last year to find them and had no such luck. Well today I went in the wood and I could hear the Blackbirds alarming and I thought I wonder. I found this first owlet straight away and on looking closer I managed to found this second one although it was a little bit distant. It suddenly dawned on me they were still alarming and has I walked a little bit up the path I found one of the adult Tawny Owls. It was having a right outing with a couple of Blackbirds, a Jay and lots of small birds mobbed it, it took of and the mob followed it and I could still hear it being mobbed in the woods in the distance.

1 comment:

  1. Good find Martin, I'll try and get up there later.