Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tir founder Fields

A quick walk around the fields this morning but no sign of the Little Egret and the Garden Warbler James Burton had a couple of days ago sung briefly but then went silent. It was pretty cold and I think it was maybe thinking  more about feeding. There were two male Reed Warblers singing, I had 3 Whitethroats and the Water Rail was making contact calls, I think a good chance they have young. On the old canal I had my first Odonata of the year and it was this Large Red Damselfly, I hope things start picking up now. I found this nettle and I thought I had a new species for science but on looking close I could see it was a Dandelion flower behind and yes should have gone to specsavers. Merthyr Tunnel tonight, 1 Wood Warbler, about half way down towards the tunnel showing really well on the left hand side .

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