Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Bit more Shapwick

After we saw so much on Sunday I thought I would share a couple more photos from a great day out. It's worth getting up at stupid o'clock and feelling like a zombie but worth it. First up was a caterpillar, a Vapour Moth found by Martin.
Next up was a first for the year for us, it was found by Phil on the side of the path and it was a Teneral Black Tailed Skimmer and our only one of the day .

We also found a lot of these Yellow - Barred  Longhorn Moth or Nemophora Degeerella and it's an amazing looking moth .
 We found the more you glanced at the water lilies there were loads of Red Eyed Damselflies.
When the sun come out we had a couple of Butterflies, its always nice to see Small Tortiseshell and Peacock and it felt like summer for five mintues.

Than I found this Teneral Scarce Chaser at the same time Phil shouted male. We had a good half dozen, they were a cracking little dragonfly and one I have wanted to see for years, it made my day. It's fun to think that years ago I was in the New Forest with Kevin and Geri and we saw a chap with a hat with cokes hanging of his hat a big Dragonfly book, we laughed and we thought he must be nuts and years later and I am doing it but no coke hat for me, I am not going that far.

We also had lots of Hairy Dragonflies and the more I think of this species I think what I saw over Tir Founder Fields had to be one. The first early Hawker of the year and hopefully more to come.

When we was walking along the path at Shapwick I found this pile of poo as you do, it looks like a badger latrine. I have not seen many latrines and they are mostly messy, do any other animals have a latrine. Mike was missed not being there to smell it.
When we were having a well earned coffee sitting in one of the hides I heard a splash and a head popped up, I was hoping for Otter but this Great Crested Grebe chick came out, it was chasing a adult with a big fish and in the end the parent give up and give it to him. It was a eye opener, it swallowed it with some problems and it was like Phil with a custard doughnut .


  1. Some nice photos there. Custard doughnuts are fine its chocolate ones which I get a bit messy with.

  2. Thank you phil and me and try not to buy them for that reason.