Sunday, 4 June 2017

Vole! Vole!

A midday visit, yesterday, to the usual site saw 6+ Marsh Fritillaries on the wing, with lots of Small Heath, and Common Blue, a few Green-viened whites, 3 Dingy Skippers, 1 Small Copper, 1 Cinnebar, and lots of Burnet Companions. No SPB frits or Green Hairstreaks however.
 Wandering around I almost stood on a young Field Vole.
 There were a mix of Southern Marsh and Heath Spotted Orchids. I came across this individual with strange looking flowers. I presume some strange hybrid. (Edit - a bit more research and I think this is a Early Marsh Orchid.

This morning saw me stop of on the way to Brecon to try to catch up with Whinchat and Ring Ouzel at CCG. In glorious sunshine it didn't take long to get onto a splendid male Whinchate, singing his heart out. The Ouzel's hover were playing hard ball. After a couple of hours, without sucess, I started t head back out as the clouds were starting to roll in. On the way out there was a birder scanning the first part of the basin. We got talking and he was asking about the Ouzels, etc. as he was over for a few days holiday from Leicester. Like myself he had no joy. I put him onto the Whinchat and he headed off to take a look. No sooner had he gone out of sight that two RO's "rattled". I quickly got onto a female in a stunted Rowan, high on the, ridge lin. She was joined by a male and a juvenile. I ran off for the other birder but when we go back to my scope, the RO's had gone. We watch the area for about 20 mins before the visiting birder decided to go back to enjoy the Whinchat for a bit longer. Again, as soon as he disappeared out of sight, the male flew int the same Rowan and two juv's hopped up to be fed. The male didn't hang around for long but the two juv's were content to sit in the middle of the tree. I re-fetched the other birder and one of the juv's was still showing when we got back. As soon as the other birder put his eye to me scope it dropped (I was watching it with my bins). Not long after the heavy rain and low cloud rolled in, so it was game over.

I then crossed over into the Youth Hostel woods to try for Pied Fly' and Marsh Tits. I dipped on the Fly', but a family party of Marsh tits showed well.

After yesterdays close encounter with a Field Vole, whilst in the wood I was surprised to find a Bank Vole walking down the path towards me. I'm sure this must have read the posters encouraging everyone to vote.

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  1. Some nice stuff martin and well done on the ouzels.