Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Marbled Whites

In July 2013 I found a small colony of Marbled Whites on the ridge between Abercynon and the Merthyr Valley near the "Giant's Tooth". In 2014 and 2015 I saw small numbers but in 2016 I did not manage to get there at all although Martin Bell had had a look with no luck.

After dinner today I decided to go up and have a quick look. Although it was earlier than I had seen them before we had managed to see some Marbled Whites in Gloucester the previous week so I thought it was worth the risk. I first walked up the road on the Merthyr side and was soon delighted to see a Marbled White flying around, soon followed by another. By the time I took the turning to walk up to the ridge I had seen four. On top however things just got better, walking on the edge of the grass I kept flushing more Marbled Whites getting 13 in total, much more than I had expected.

There were also good numbers of Dark Green Fritillaries, Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Cinnabar Moths.

Dark Green Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary

Marbled White


  1. Excellent. The last Marbled White I saw was a fly by, at Bryn Du, about four years ago. As for DGF; they only exist in my world, as a distant orangey thing hurtling away from me at high speed.
    Great photos.

  2. Well done phil for keep checking and going back up .