Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bryn Pica Tip

Having visited Bryn Pica opencast tips, last autumn, looking for rust fungi and found what I suspected were the seed heads of Bee Orchid, I went up there this afternoon to see if I was right. I was and although they were only just coming into bloom and most of the spikes I found were still in the bud stage, I counted 14 in all; pretty well scattered over a moderate sized area. There were also Common Spotted, what looked like Heath Spotted and what I at first thought was Early Purple Orchid, but now think is a dark form of Common Spotted..

Common Spotted Orchid?

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A couple of Small Heaths were the only butterflies seen, though given the weather, that isn't surprising.
It was nice to have my second Wood Warbler of the year, on the disused railway, below Werfa pond.

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  1. Nice photos Mark and glad you were right and show must beee more bee orchids in the valley.