Thursday, 8 June 2017


Mr Bevan and myself had a few hours seawatching at Porthcawl this morning hoping to pick up some Storm Petrels. We arrived at 9.40 and before he had set his scope up Martin shouted 2 Stormies very close. The quickest we had ever had them and probably the closest. I picked up another one at 10.00 although this was a bit farther out. Who said Porthcawl is rubbish for seawatching!!!!.

Tonight I had a phone call off a friend to say I got a lovely and big dragonfly in my garden please come and have a look. It turned out to be probably my favourite a Gold Ringed Dragonfly. I only seen one last year and that was very late in the season so this was a really nice surprise.

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  1. Nice photos and great to see them on the wing.