Sunday, 20 January 2013

Herring Gull HQ

I went for a walk up Abernant and on to Bryn Pica tip. There were hundreds of Herring Gulls in the fields by the tip, also a couple of dozen Lesser Black Backed Gulls and 20 Black Headed Gulls.  In Abernant I had a male Peregrine with a kill, which looked like a Blackbird and it flew up on a pylon to pluck it. Also by the tip was a male Goshawk being mobbed by a flock of Carrion Crows and on the way down I had a female Sparrowhawk being mobbed by Magpies and Jays. One Jay got a little bit to close and nearly ended up as lunch. I got home to find 3 Mistle Thrush in garden. God I hope it's a bit warmer in Goa.

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  1. It was 32C when I looked this morning with a 9 mph wind.