Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Not tonight Josephine

With a change in the weather i.e. not raining i decided to pop down to Ogmore to try and catch up with the recently found Bonaparte's Gull, from the carpark i could see a few birders so headed down to see if they were on the bird.I was told that the bird had been seen but had flown off towards the sewage works so decided to scan the river to see what was about,there were a few Little Grebes,Goldeneye(20+),two Goosanders(m+f),Redshank,Teal,Shelduck,a few Meadow Pipits and a single Med Gull,i then saw Mr.Hinton and Paul Roberts in the distance and  could see they were on the bird. It was in flight with about 30 or so b.h.gulls but did eventually settle on the water long enough to give decent views but after five minutes or so it again took flight and headed towards the estuary,nice to bump into John Wilson who is up and about again after his accident while "bungee jumping" without a rope!,on the way back to the car picked up a Kestrel, Sparrowhawk,Raven and a male Stonechat,on the way home popped into the Watermill but the only birds there were two Herons and about twenty Teal.

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