Saturday, 5 January 2013

Walk Before Work

Quick walk before work. Yesterday, I walked around Abercwmboi  lake, which was pretty good. I had 5 gooosander and 26 canada geese, one goose has got bits of white on top of its head and I have seen this bird in the Dare Valley Country Park and Aberdare park in the past - keep your eyes out for this bird. Also at the lake was 4 coots trying to kill each other, 1 grey heron and 1 cormorant. Today, I went to lower Tir Founder fields. I was looking for jack snipe, no luck. I did have 35 mallard, 9 teal, and 4 water rail calling. I also got 3 common snipe and I had a willow tit singing by Cwmbach train station; this seemed early to me. Last of all, in work, I had a cracking male peregrine flying over Abercwmboi calling.

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