Saturday, 17 October 2015

Bryn Du

 I went for a afternoon walk over to  the gas tanks and was amazed  by how many Crossbills are about and so a flock of  about 60 and lots of smaller flocks and would say must be easy over a hundred crossbills in the forest and i found a  mixed flock   of finches and there were Goldfinch and siskin and about 50 in total and also had a female Brambling in the flock and first for  Autumm for me and great too hear the call again .In the Forest is a nice patch of limestone and found some Match Stick Lichen growing on it .Also growing all the the Road i found a nice patch of Earth Tongue and still give me a buzz too see it .

 Found Lots of these Gills and thought Brittle Gill after see them last week at Parc Slip and also super dog dropped in when i was there .

 Some kind of Boletus which could be Larch Bolets.

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