Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Sunday Morning I thought I would go over to Cwm Cadlan and see if there was any winter thrushes up there. It was very quiet and only birds seen were a Mistle Thrush and a female Kestrel. I thought of plan B and decided to drop down to Garwnant and have a look if the Great Grey Shrike was back but had no luck,  even the reservoir was dead with just lots of anglers. Best seen were 1 Great Crested Grebe / 1 Little Grebe /1 Tufted Duck drake, 1 Moorhen and 7 Cormorants and also had a flock of  Fieldfare over and a Red Kite.

In the North felled area I found a nice patch of Match Stick Lichen growing on a old stone wall and yes took loads of shots and think I need help as I cannot pass it with out stopping to take photos

 Also in the forest was a nice patch of Stag Horn Fungus and I found about twenty different ones

I was sitting there with a coffee and 6 Toffee Doughnuts and thinking this is the life and this Wren just popped out from the grass .
I have passed this bridge so many times and thought I would have a look. It is a smart bridge and has a small waterfall behind it and I will have too go back for a longer look.


  1. When your mate is not out with you I notice you get toffee doughnuts. I think I am going to have to cut down on the scotch egg rations.

  2. Fair point mr hill when you tetch them and do not eat the night before pmsl and great too have you back my scotch egg delivery man pmsl.

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