Sunday, 18 October 2015


I think it Earth tongue time, as I found a load down at Whiteford on Saturday, plus a host of other fungi goodies. Birding wasn't great with 3 Crossbill's about the best of the days avian sightings.

As well as the Earth Tongues, other goodies included a pile of Collared Earthstars, and secong Earthstar spp G, rufescens (Correction - now identified as a uncollared Collared Earthstar), Verdigris Roundhead Stropharia aeruginosa, and a couple of Helvella's - Elphin Saddle, H lacunosa and White Saddle, H crispa.

                                            Collared Earthstar
                                         Earth Tongue
                                           Elphin Sadddle
                                            uncollared Collared Earthstar
                                                   Verdigris Roundhead
                                           White Saddle

and for a change, whilst coaching in Singleton Park, this little fella put in an appearance - looking for somewhere to pupate
                                          Pale Tussock


  1. Some nice photos Martin and some good finds and nice Earth star

  2. One or two caps of that Verdigris Roundhead pop up amongst my Paeony's dying stems each year. I will have to go look, to see if any have emerged yet.