Sunday, 18 October 2015

In Search of the Mythical Ring Ouzel

 I got up early sunday morning and done my webs and it was nice too hear the Cetti warbler at Tir founder fields and  it called three times when i was there and it was a dark  morning too do the webs and just did not same like morning .Next stop up too Llyn Fawr too look for Ring Ouzel and after hearing that Mark had them around the corner at Llyn Fach last weekend and thought  maybe a good chance .Boy i was so wrong and got there to find  thick fog and  i Walk along  the  causeway road listening for any calls from the Craig above and all i could hear was raven and a Blackbird give me a bit of excitment and it was short lived when i so no white breast band  and when i got to the far end and had a coffee and waited  for a bit and i turn around too scan down the valley and spotted a flock of birds sitting in a tree and quickly got my scope on them and found out they were Fieldfare and 32 of the little beauty and on scan down the valley i spotted  too large flocks of fieldfare and there was easy 400 hundred in total and the fog was keeping them low  in the valley and my first for Autumn and was amazed by the big numbers .Well time went on and some more  fieldfare dropped in but still no Ring Ouzel .So i decide  too cut my loses and head for Dare Valley Country park and try there for a couple of hours ,Well on getting i heard Blackbirds Across the valley and picked up four birds feeding a  hawthorn and  sadley no sign of any Ouzel . So i keep heading up the valley and found a flock of Fieldfare feeding on the left and and set my scope up too check out if any  thing else was hiding in the hawthorn and if by magic a cracking Male RingOuzel jumped out and started feeding on the berries and give brilliant views as he feed and at one point he was sitting by Mistle Thrush and a Fieldfare and great too see next too each other and so made my day .In the afternoon i Nipped over Darwonno and found some FlyAgaric on the way down too the resevoir  and also a Small Flock of Crossbills and show what a great day out you can have in our valleys.

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  1. A more successful day than me, then. I was nursing a bad back and trying unsuccessfully to stop my computer (not this one) from freezing a couple of minutes after startup, every single time!
    I must try and go for that Cetti's.