Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cobalt Crust

 After Feeling like I was the only Person who had not seen this cracking Fungus and my lucky  had too changed and Mark told me last year he had found some in Abernant and i looked for it and could not find it . So i thought i would look again and the sunlight hit  the fungus and i could  see it on the underside of what looks like an Hawthorn branch and how can something so colourful be so hard too see and it was great too see and i got too find my own now and Thank you Mark for tell me where it was and information Brilliant has always. .

 I found this on a Birch log and thought first it was pips or bird pooo and on looking close could see it was a fungus and learned it,s called Purple Jelly Disc and new too me.
 It,s alway nice too see frogs and this little chap put up a good show,
It feels like everywhere i go lately i find Elephant Hawkmoths Caterpillar and they same too be getting in smaller .
 I found this fungus on a fallen larch tree and looks like Yellow Brain Fungus , But never seen it on Larch before .Last  one Sunset sunday night and alway great too see.

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  1. Glad to see you found some at last. Nice photos too. I saw that sunset: that cloud protruding below the cloud deck and casting shadows across it was beautiful.