Thursday, 29 October 2015

Garw nant

I've been laid up with the dreaded warblers neck (your fault Bevan) but hearing that a great grey shrike had been found at RGW I was determined to drag myself away from the fridge (I haven't been drinking just had my head in there) and venture out. Garw nant was very quiet, no foraging flocks except c12 long-tailed tits, everything else in single figures and then, and then! in the Sitka, bordering the north clear fell a grumpy barn owl, the day was made. I checked both clear-fell areas and the Cwm Cadlan road but no shrike. Next was the Neuadd reservoirs, again very quiet and no shrike. Called in at Rhaslas close to dusk hoping for a short-eared owl but no luck, just; wigeon[27] and tufted duck[29].


  1. Well done on the owl and even more well done on blaming Bevan whatever he has done. Did you slip on a toffee doughnut?

  2. Good work mr Hogan and you worked hard mate and pmsl what i done again and if poaching on your patch and what happen when merthyr becomes part of the rct .