Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bumping along the bottom.

Rhaslas: 5 curlew through on the 3rd March but nothing much of note with monthly highest counts for wildfowl as follows, January; wigeon [32], tufted [29], goldeneye [4], goosander [20]. February; wigeon [16], tufted [14], goldeneye  [10], goosander [5]. Also big increase in shooting this winter.

Gull counts: my counts at Pontsticill reservoir have been down all winter with this years count as follows, January; herring gull [1726], lesser black-backed [11], black headed [12]. February; herring gull [1266], lesser black-backed [35]. Returning breeding birds this a.m. (rough count re: limited vision); former Hoover Factory, herring gull [70 birds], lesser black-backed [33 birds]. Pentrebach factories, Kasai, herring gull [7] and MTIB herring gull [2], lesser black-backed [2].

Dowlais Lapwing; have noted the flock several times in the last couple of weeks when driving along HoV and couldn't believe its apparent size. Managed to stop and count this a.m. at least 40 (conservative estimate) birds the highest count since the Ffos y Fran colony was destroyed many years ago.

Back yard: first time ever I've had more redpoll to my feeders than greenfinch and I only had 1 redpoll.


  1. Good to hear you are still birding and keep it up and you find a cracker again mike .

  2. Cheers lads, still plodding along but very quiet over this end. See you.

  3. Keep that data rolling in, Mike. Are the gull counts for a specific survey, or do you do them for the same reason as my raven counts?

  4. Hiya Mark, the reservoir counts are for WeBS. The rooftop breeding colonies have been present for many years (Hoover north light site c50 years) but have been almost impossible to view. However recent felling at Gethin now provides 'a view' though distant. Also the upper reaches of the path opposite MTCBC Penrebach offices provides a partial view. I'm thinking of borrowing a drone, what do you reckon???

    1. Could be the only way. You could also use it to drop rotten eggs onto Rolf ;¬)