Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Local Highlights

I found this Blackbird's nest last week and was surprised to see it's made it this far. As a rule the local crows find it and it needs to green over more before they make it so fingers crossed for this one. Something I noted last month when I was doing the Garden Bird Survey  was that I had a Willow Tit in my garden and it had a white tail feather and two or three in one wing. Phil said they talking about it on the Bird Forum and it is being noted across the UK and in some case a white head too. There seems to be more birds about with Partial Albinism and it makes you think if the gene pool is getting low and they are inter breeding with brothers or sisters it cannot be looking good. I have only seen this bird once more but sadly no photos. Also two days ago  below where I live I heard what I thought was a singing Willow Tit and straight after a Coal Tit. You think maybe it was a Coal Tit and with that both started singing together and flew up on too a big Oak Tree and tried to out sing each other. Has Mark has had a similar experience it maybe a common thing and they sing off  all over. Last thing when I was in Penywaun yesterday I heard my first Blackcap of the year and the Gulls where on form and were calling a fair bit. I clocked a Goshawk being mobbed, a Common Buzzard and best of all was a male Peregrine which went into a dive and just has it dropped there was a large bush in the way so I missed what it was chasing. It doesn't matter how many times you see this it put the hairs up on the back of your neck and you can see way they are the kings of the skies,


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  2. 3 possible 4 singing blackcaps between trecynon and robertstown north this morning .