Friday, 31 March 2017

Wet warm and misty

At Rhaslas today I had my first sand martin[9] and swallow[9] during a break between showers at c10:00 hours, also heard peeps at the same time but failed to connect. On the 30th my first passage ring plover[2] with a single male wheatear on the tip and single curlew south of pool.
Just occasional singles of passage redshank, above image taken on the 17th with winter wildfowl gradually moving out and mipit and skylark etc numbers increasing along with raptors.

Missed the osprey today at Cantref, but thanks Rob for text, I was there on Monday checking with the rangers and fly fishing crew, premature birding, ho hum.


  1. Alway nice to see you post and some good stuff mike

  2. Still in shock today after Phil bought the tea's yesterday!

  3. This title sound like a bad real Ale mike