Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Saturday Morning before Work

Saturday morning was sunny and dry and I thought I would have a quick walk around Tir Founder Fields to see if there was any migrants about. I also wanted to put something to the test as I have noticed lots of posts lately about it being bad to feed wildfowl bread especially swans so I wanted to try it out. So I got some Iceberg lettuce and a bag of frozen peas. When I got there all the ducks and Canada Geese came over to see me but the two Swans must have been having a lie in as they stayed away. Has soon as I threw the lettuce out for them they just looked at it and looked at me to say oh  mate you can get done for littering and just swarm off. I felt a little bit stupid and with that one of the swans came over and I dont know if he felt a little bit sorry for me but he ate all the lettuce. I was amazed so I thought I would try the frozen peas and he eat the lot. I was thinking why do swan seem to get this disease more and I think it must be because they feed more from the bottom of the pond and they eat all the old decaying bread. Right back to the migrants and apart from the Chiffchaffs it was still quiet, no Blackcap or Sand Martin yet and just when I thought the Teal had gone I found 5 also 2 Little Grebes but no sign of the Little Egret. Has I walked around I could hear Common Toads calling and on the river by the Ynys playing fields were 3 Drake Goosanders. I watched them flap their wings before diving and seemed to be chasing the fish towards the bank and were catching them under the river bank. I also saw this female Blackbird getting nest material. Everything seems to be starting to breed. I also had 2 Redwing along the old canel, one was in full song and will not be long now before they head north.


  1. Lettuce and peas for Swans, bread for gulls and bird seed for sheep. You will have to take an extra rucksack out with you.

  2. yes fair point and you can carry all the books pmsl